The Digital Total Reward Platform

uFlexReward is built to reveal possibilities, uncover potential and open doors through better rewards management.

The platform enables better decision-making for the total reward professional based upon complete information and improves employee engagement through real-time total reward statements and agile reward options. Are you ready to reap the rewards?

See all your rewards program data in one place with executive level admin and dashboard views

Pie chart representing overall reward categories in laptop screen

Empower employees to choose their own rewards package with ease and flexibility

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Get real-time feedback on what employees value most in the same tool you use to create your programs at an overall and individual reward perspective

uFlexReward administrative view

Leverage the full picture of your data to model What if scenarios on total reward packages for new hires, promotions, organizational moves and expatriate assignments with ability to show before/after comparisons including gross and net

uFlexReward platform executive report in tablet screen

Derive actionable insight from aggregating your total reward data across global disparate HR systems

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See and manage global and country-level rewards program data at the enterprise and employee level

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Easily configure the administration rights for your reward managers based upon functionality and data parameters

Global Market Competitiveness table in laptop screen

Ensure you are staying competitive on your total reward programs across the globe

uFlexReward platform dashboard in tablet screen

With all of reward components in one database, analyze the impact of different scenarios to changes to individual reward elements

The uFlex

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Built by Reward Experts

Long-term industry experts feeding into product development

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Collaborative & Transparent

Remove data silos and enable teams to work
together more effectively

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Pie chart showing current statement

Data-driven & Evidence-based

Work from data truth and gather insights for optimizing the value
and return on reward programs

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