Reinventing Reward:  Why We Are Different

We are a new class of practitioner led, enterprise HR system. Our mission is to make reward more beneficial to employees and employers by transforming global practice in employee reward; the biggest spend category in most businesses.

Our Mission

uFlexReward is a spin-out company based on Unilever’s global digital reward system. Our mission is two-fold: offer flexibility to employees by personalising reward to their individual life needs; and, provide employers with insight and clarity through digitisation and consolidation of all reward into a single, real-time, integrated global environment.

The Product

With real-time digital reward data and documentation of reward policy at its core, you can build-on a number of features to help you generate administrative cost savings, and create personalized and targeted flexible rewards.
We recommend a four-step process to get to a digitised Total Reward System. This takes place in incremental steps, at a pace that fits your ability to change.

Reward Forum

Our team is made up of a hand-picked selection of senior experts and thought leaders in reward and technology.

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“From a Global Mobility standpoint, TRS allows us to model a cost projection for an international assignment, and quickly compare the relative costs between placing an assignee in one country or another. “
– Andy F
Global Reward Manager, Unilever



“I am an employee and viewing my total reward package and giving feedback on what I like is a real bonus.
The system is easy to use and understand.”
Cathy S
Employee, Unilever


“TRS is the only place where I can see every aspect of our employees’ total reward. By consolidating data from our other HR systems, TRS provides a far more accurate estimate of business costs in a variety of scenarios which would otherwise be extremely time consuming.”
Kevin S
Global Reward Analyst, Unilever


“Easy-to use cost projections for any type of local or global assignments, greatly facilitating a fast and high quality decision process to get the right people in the right place for the right price.”
Tobias K
Reward Manager, Unilever


“We have one place where data for all reward elements is stored. This helps us keep track of everything.”
Janina L
Reward Specialist, Unilever


“I can automatically generate a standard offer for any class of employee in any country.”
Sophie G
HR Partner, Unilever


“I can collaborate with colleagues and streamline the annual process of global benchmarking and pay review.”
David P
Reward Subject Matter Expert, Unilever

The first part of our COVID-19 War Game its complete! Big thanks to Endava for throwing themselves in with fascinating debate on how to compile Future of Work strategies and minimise job losses. It's Unilever's turn on Thursday - watch this space! #HRData

Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis: Medical practitioners & health researchers use it, but can it help #HR and #Reward? We'll find out in our Covid-19 Wargame, where senior reward executives must cut people cost without redundancies in a simulated company.

We've been delighted with the positive response to the announcement of our Covid-19 Wargame, and look forward to facilitating this future-defining conversation between #HR and #Reward practitioners, as they come up with solutions to save firms & save jobs.

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