Are you ready to digitise and automate pay equity reporting? Join uFlexReward for an online session where we will take you through a practical “how to” guide, from peer practitioners based on the Unilever experience. We will show how to build in-house, repeatable, Pay Equity digitisation and automation this year.


Who is it for?


Organisations with a commitment to Pay Equity who want to break free from dependence on specialist Pay Equity consultants and proprietary technology. Organisations who want to automate Pay Equity reporting, 




Companies are increasingly being asked for concrete proof of performance. Pressure is growing, to make more progress towards goals on equal pay and diversity. At least 15 countries have some form of mandatory gender pay reporting: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, India, Italy, Japan, Norway, Sweden, UK, US. This number is growing.


Strategic Objective


Automate the process of gathering and normalising your data across the full spectrum of reward. Automate pay equity management as a global, real-time data asset. Integrate with your HRIS to deliver real-time pay equity data when reward decisions are made.


Seminar Format


We will use a case study that refers to the Unilever approach. Practitioners from uFlexReward and Unilever will explain how they built the Unilever process and rolled it out globally.


What You Will Get


A playbook of all the steps you need to take to build a global, realtime, pay equity database which encompasses all rewards for all employees. The playbook can be adapted to the rapidly evolving global requirements for fair pay.





HR; Reward; Reporting; Gender Pay; Pay Equity


Who Can Attend?


Anyone with the link can attend. However, for each seminar, we will be limiting the number of attendees to 6. This will ensure that everyone has the chance to interact, ask questions and share their opinions.



Our second session will be held on the 26th March @ 12PM GMT



1 Hour






Nicola Wells


Senior Global Reward Director. Global Lead rolling out Digital Pay Equity Reporting at Unilever to all Countries.

Senior reward practitioner who is able to leverage the power of having automated Pay Equity reporting, 


Stuart Smith


Global People Data Analyst; Pay Equity & Reward System Automation Expert.

Working closely with global multinational clientele to digitise and automate global Pay Equity reporting requirements. 


Laurence Garnade


Global Reward Practitioner; leading both Manual and Automated Pay Equity Compliance Reporting.
Working alongside Unilever to ensure accurate, consolidated reward data & creating automated Pay Equity reporting, 

Here at uFlexReward we use Digitalisation. This means that we record all policies, rules, and their dependencies digitally so that the system can analyze and make predictions.


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