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uFlexReward is the world’s first digital global total reward platform, combining multiple reward data silos into one real-time ‘always on’ platform.

The uFR platform helps facilitate agile transformation in Reward and HR; by quickly providing a continuous, drillable database into any organisation’s largest spend –reward spend.

For more information, view this video below, where we describe how the platform works, along with how Unilever has used uFR to access detailed pay data for complex statutory disclosures, such as gender pay gap and executive pay ratios; and manage Pay Equity; enabling further analysis into countries, functions and teams.

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    Here at uFlexReward we use Digitalisation. This means that we record all policies, rules, and their dependencies digitally so that the system can analyze and make predictions.

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    A very interesting read, written by Josh Bersin, on the introduction of AI coaching into business.

    Follow the link to read the article:

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    Back in January, Forbes published 10 trends for the next 'normal' working style. What can you see thats being applied now? Follow the link to read the full article:

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