'Harnessing the uFlexReward database allows every organisation to see the real impact of any decision before they take the plunge — potentially sparing the company's bottom line, and avoiding reputational risks', writes uFlexReward's Jonathan Best #HRdata https://bit.ly/2CvSTwl

If mass redundancy is the conclusion, employees will want to know that all other options have been exhausted. With our COVID-19 Reward Wargame, companies can explore and test all sorts of scenarios for cutting people cost, in a safe environment. https://www.uflexreward.com/pandemic-wargame/

Can you cut people cost without mass redundancies? This is one of the biggest questions facing #HR. We're very excited to share our Covid-19 reward wargame, a simulation anyone can use to explore creative options for cutting people cost. https://bit.ly/3gvtbXe #uFRHaveYourSay

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