How Unilever automated market
position management and total
reward spend budgeting

Unilever places great emphasis on rewarding at the right policy positions for the market.

This requires managing a careful balance of merit increases against market movements for 160,000 employees in 100 countries globally – no easy feat.

Unilever started this many years ago using spreadsheets, but it proved an extremely resource intensive exercise for all involved.

Today the process is completely automated

All Total Reward data is centrally held and organised in a real-time digital reward application.

The application has a module for global benchmarking application that :

  • Maps all company rewards to market Benchmarks (e.g. Total Target Cash)
  • Maps company populations to market populations (e.g. Hay reference level)
  • Imports any form of market data
  • Allows local managers to propose merit increases and new payscales per population and country;
  • And Automatically calculates pre and post merit market positions, total reward cost, compensation data,
    compa ratios, cost to bring inline policy and more.

This enables the central team to negotiate all salary increases across the world, with a detailed understanding of both market position and estimated total reward cost impact – in real time! So, budgets, salary increases and an total reward cost can be agreed in advance of salary review.

Reward Manager Nordics & Global R&D – “I’ve never before been able to do benchmarking as accurate or so fast. The automatic links to our employees reward packages and the easy exclusion process has meant I’ve been able to cut down hours of work, per country.
Tobias Krogh

European Reward Specialist DACH – “ The Benchmarking process has been simplified which results in a much better user experience: nicer look & feel, less steps to complete and therefore less time-consuming”
Janina Landgraf

Reward Lead, East & West Africa – “I really like the flow of the benchmarking process on the new system- it is simple and easy to navigate”
Keifa Anucha

Reward Analyst, Africa – “A few things stand out for me re the system 1. The ability to fully own the data on the system and being able to
update/ add rewards without having to go to the central team every time. 2. Benchmarking – the excel upload of market data is really cool. Overall, I think the new system is user friendly, I like it.”
Hintsa, Akhona

HR Reward Specialist LATAM – “Everything works super good. I actually love the new system. I think is easier and kind to the user,
more intuitive and I am making really good promotionals with my Team in LATAM because in past years it did not have good reviews. I think once the benchmarking process start they will see this big changes too!”
Gonzalo Gamino

Reward assistant, Nordics – “Overall the system is fully functional, asides from a few minor comments I would say it works seamlessly!”
Roelands, Daniel

Senior Reward Analyst, RUB – “I can say that this system is really user friendly and very intuitive, even for new users. Also no need waiting for a long time if you changed something. “
Ekaterina Molokanova

Here at uFlexReward we use Digitalisation. This means that we record all policies, rules, and their dependencies digitally so that the system can analyze and make predictions.

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