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An Overview of HR Topics
(uFlexReward with Nicola Wells, Global Reward Director, Unilever)

Understanding and Communicating Employee Total Rewards

How Rewards Can Prevent Layoffs in a Crisis

PAFOW Podcast with Peter Newhouse of Unilever

The shift from “Compensation” to “Total Reward”

How Total Rewards Data Helps Businesses Respond to Covid-19

Transforming Global Practice in Employee Reward

How Unilever Is Reinventing Reward With uFlexReward

Media Coverage

Leena Nair, CHRO of Unilever praises uFlexReward for Microsoft accreditation

Embrace technology or fall behind, reward professionals are told


Ripping up the reward rulebook to reflect new ways of working


Interrogation not headlines will close Gender Pay Gap


How Unilever found itself selling enterprise software


COVID-19 ‘war games’: the computer program that could help save your job

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Offer flexibility to employees by personalising reward to their individual life needs.

Provide employers with insight and clarity through digitisation and consolidation of all reward into a single, real-time, integrated global environment.

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If companies want to see a real change in the payment landscape, there must be a shift in how data is collected and reported.

'Real-time rewards data is key to ending the gender pay gap' by Ken Charman, via @theHRDIRECTOR

#TotalReward #HRTechnology #PayEquity #GenderPayGap

A great article on how Big Tech is trying to get people back into the office.

'Remote working: Is Big Tech going off work from home?' via @BBCNews


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