Can you cut people cost by 20% without mass redundancies?

This realistic simulation was played by executives from Unilever and Endava
on November 24/25th.

Move 1

Can you cut Reward Cost by 20%
without redundancies?

Move 2

Can you Design a Reward Framework
for the Digital Future of Work?

Flash Report Covid-19 Reward Wargame

Judges Observations Covid-19 Wargame

Here at uFlexReward we use Digitalisation. This means that we record all policies, rules, and their dependencies digitally so that the system can analyze and make predictions.

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A very interesting read, written by Josh Bersin, on the introduction of AI coaching into business.

Follow the link to read the article:

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Back in January, Forbes published 10 trends for the next 'normal' working style. What can you see thats being applied now? Follow the link to read the full article:

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