Can you cut people cost by 20% without mass redundancies?

A realistic simulation that can be used by reward practitioners, business executives, employees and the general public to find solutions to this critically important question.

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The pandemic is accelerating the shift towards more personalisation and choice within reward packages. Thanks to uFlexReward, Unilever is well prepared - it is one of the few global firms already able to give employees flexibility in their reward package:

If companies are held back from exploring alternatives to job cuts, it is partly due to a lack of total reward data. Our Wargame is a safe environment to come up with new ways of saving money, that avoid the nuclear option; mass redundancy. #uFRHaveYourSay

With company response plans facing heightened scrutiny, it's important to ensure recovery strategies are airtight. uFlexReward enables organisations to ascertain the most cost-effective route, and test recovery plans before pulling the trigger.

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