More Rewarding for Employees and Employers

Our mission is to help you inspire your employees by giving them the flexibility to personalise their reward package, and to provide you with an integrated global reward system to digitise, consolidate, and review your entire reward ecosystem.

Core Values

Practitioner-led, Evidence-based, Open and Collaborative

Delivering fact-based insights into employee and employer decision making
Long-term industry experts feeding into product development
Open and transparent co-creation with clients
Unilever Origin and Spinout

uFlexReward is a spin-out company based on Unilever’s global digital reward system

Proven enterprise-wide product being used within a global multinational

This unique, enterprise-wide system has been used globally by Unilever over the last seven years.
Successfully implemented in 110 countries and used by over 130,000 employees.
Aligned with Unilever’s pioneering business practices in employee reward.
Compliant with the strictest standards for managing highly sensitive data.

Collaboration Hub

uFlexReward is pioneering collaborative organisational design



The business model is born from Unilever’s strategy to behave more innovatively, entrepreneurially, and dynamically by working with partners and the open talent market.


How We Work

As a platform management company, uFlexReward employs senior specialists to “make the market” and convenes world class partners to develop, support and deliver digital Total Reward Systems:
  • Unilever supplies strategic vision.
  • World class technologists at Endava develop and support the system.
  • Global configuration and benefits realisation services are supplied by our partners.
  • uFlexReward manages the partners who develop and implement the system.
uFlexReward and its partners use Agile working practices to continually prioritise and optimise product development.
Test Bed for Innovation
Our system is a breakthrough in data availability and quality.  It transforms reward into a data-driven and evidence-based activity.
Research and Sharing Institute
Targeting members with an interest in exploring the future of reward with technology and an appetite to innovate.

How transparent should employee pay be?

uFlexReward CEO Ken Charman and seven other business leaders bring their views to the table, for Management Today @MT_editorial

#PayTransparency #CompensationAndBenefits #PayGap #PayEquality #BusinessLeaders

The #FutureOfWork is Now. Long has it been predicted that work would become more project based, with a high turnover of people, but Covid-19 is accelerating the shift from prediction to reality. @NPR #HR #HRData #TotalReward #CompensationAndBenefits

Encouraging news, but to ensure reporting goes beyond any minimum legislative requirement, and powers real change, companies will need to look beyond pay data, and get a firm grasp on their ethnicity 'total reward' gap.
#TotalRewards #FutureOfWork #HR

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