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Flexibility and choice within reward packages is becoming more and more essential for organisations.

Employees expect a certain level of personalisation and autonomy over how they receive their reward. By underpinning the Reward function with a global reward database, an ‘agile flex experience’ is then based on consistent and complete reward data across the enterprise, and crucially allows individual territories to easily experiment with flexibility and choice.

Here are the key approaches:

  • Gather a digital inventory of all reward plans
  • Index the plans in categories in order to publish Total Reward Statements
  • Request feedback from employees within the same user experience to align employee sentiment towards individual reward plans, and the cost of you providing it. This provides opportunities to identify waste or opportunities within the spend
  • Pivot and experiment with reward offerings based on optimising the spend rooted in what employees might, or do, want instead

What does flex mean to you? It takes various forms…

“Flex for us was about replacing waste spend on phones and insurance and reinvesting that in vouchers for employee through choice.”
Country Reward Manager

“Flex usually means consultants which means headache – this year flex for us was about managing a complex change in the pension. It went very well with simple to use tech I could configure myself!”
Country Reward Manager

“Flex for us was about improving our vacation spend. Those that want more can buy more, those that don’t can get some money back.”
Country Reward Manager

“Flex for us is about allowing employees to reinvest the bonus into shares, this can be a complex thing to show. Modellers are very useful.”
Global Shares

If you want to see more check out these videos…

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Our mission:

Offer flexibility to employees by personalising reward to their individual life needs.

Provide employers with insight and clarity through digitisation and consolidation of all reward into a single, real-time, integrated global environment.

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If companies want to see a real change in the payment landscape, there must be a shift in how data is collected and reported.

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A great article on how Big Tech is trying to get people back into the office.

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