Unilever CHRO Leena Nair with some insights into Future of Work & Reward

The uFlexReward platform is the perfect answer for every company that’s looking to create flexible, customised, personalised rewards for their talent!

Our business models are disrupting fast. There is a strong need for entrepreneurial, agile mindset in Reward.

The need for people will never go away. However we need to move from fixed rules, to understating the impact the rules have, with flexible resources in a border-less open talent workforce, broader career ladders and more skills experience based reward. Watch the
video below to find out how Unilever has used uFlexReward to take steps towards this Future
of Work.

Some example from around the organisation?…

“We flattened the top 7 grades of our highest performers into 3 at Unilever. This unprecedented restructure would not have been possible without the reward commutation tool in uFlexReward”
Global Reward Director

“Based on employee feedback provided through uFlexReward we decided introduce choice to improve the reward value proposition and remove unwanted rewards, we did this quickly and easily with very little spend – in an agile way”
Country Manager

“Though the covid-19 pandemic many countries were demanding a recognition platform, but the global landscape was sparse and expensive. We were a able to build a pilot delivered to 5 countries in a matter of weeks”
Global Reward Director

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How Unilever use uFlexReward across its entire business (Overview)

Our mission:

Offer flexibility to employees by personalising reward to their individual life needs.

Provide employers with insight and clarity through digitisation and consolidation of all reward into a single, real-time, integrated global environment.

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If companies want to see a real change in the payment landscape, there must be a shift in how data is collected and reported.

'Real-time rewards data is key to ending the gender pay gap' by Ken Charman, via @theHRDIRECTOR

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A great article on how Big Tech is trying to get people back into the office.

'Remote working: Is Big Tech going off work from home?' via @BBCNews


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