Peter Newhouse with some insights into
Digital Total Reward

“Reward should be open, fair, consistent and explainable”

When reward is these 4 things then people feel a strong sense of trust in their employer and it makes them feel better about the way they are paid.

In many organisations there is a lack of transparency in reward and communicating total reward is a huge undertaking. Watch the video below to find out how Peter Newhouse decided to do things differently and transform reward at Unilever….

How has this changed the organisation?…

“I love that I can go to one place to see all my rewards, shares, benefits, healthcare. It’s really handy and gives me more confidence I’m paid fairly.”

“I can see what all the employees I look after receive and so can they…. helping them have a strong understanding of how and what they are pad has made communicating change and restructures much easier and fairer”

“We get accurate, complete data from reward now. This has improved all kind of financial planning across the global”
Finance controller

“We were Visier’s fastest ever implementation for a company of our size and our reward teams have great control over whats being sent in”
Senior project manager

“When the pandemic hit having such granular and detailed information about what we spent on reward was a real life saver”
Global reward director

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Here at uFlexReward we use Digitalisation. This means that we record all policies, rules, and their dependencies digitally so that the system can analyze and make predictions.

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