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uFlexReward and its partners use Agile working practices to continually prioritise and optimise product development.
Test Bed for Innovation
Our system is a breakthrough in data availability and quality.  It transforms reward into a data-driven and evidence-based activity.
Research and Sharing Institute
Targeting members with an interest in exploring the future of reward with technology and an appetite to innovate.

Our CEO, Ken Charman, talks to @siliconrepublic about the ways Covid-19 could impact how we recruit and reward people for their work, and why employers and employees alike need to pay attention to the negotiation that may come with WFH. #HR #reward #wfh

Join us for a live session with Unilever where we’ll take you through a practical “how-to” guide from peer practitioners based on the Unilever experience! Register here to learn how to build in-house, repeatable, Pay Equity digitisation and automation:

As the pressure grows to prove pay equality across all profiles, Ken Charman, CEO of uFlexReward, talks to @EmployeeBenefit about how employers should be utilising their data and adjusting their pay and bonus strategy to equalise pay. #futureofwork #HR

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