The Fast, Direct Route to Digitised Total Reward
Moving to a digitised Total Reward System is a safe, secure and certain process. Building the platform takes place in incremental steps, at a pace that fits your ability to change. It is based on evidence proven through research with each individual client.
Process and Background
Review and Prepare
Prototype and Evaluate
Easy Steps to Building Your Digital Foundations
Review and Prepare
The building blocks of an evidence-based business case for adoption:
  • Begin by base lining your employee engagement and reward processes to establish the current cost, effort and performance of the Reward function
  • Compare with data from an existing digital Total Reward System user
Prototype and Evaluate
Build a prototype digital Total Reward System in one country:
  • This will generate concrete evidence for – true cost of adoption and ownership, improved employee engagement, direct cost savings and efficiencies, access to reliable and complete reward data
  • Bring the baseline research and prototype data together in an evidence-based business case that refers to the current state, the change process and the future state of a digital Total Reward System
Initial configuration of the core digital Total Reward System includes documenting reward policies and consolidation of all types of reward through integrations with dispersed systems. The definition of done is:
  • An instant personal digital Total Reward Statement for all employees
  • A reporting system for business users that drill from the company total of all reward for all employees, down into any group of employees or even an individual employee
A digitised Total Reward System is a platform that supports many uses. Adopters can build out from their core system – at a pace that fits their business priorities and their ability to manage change:
  • The core system comes with a comprehensive range of applications and add-ons covering Mobility, Flexible Benefits, Package Modelling, Shares, Salary Survey and Benchmarking
  • APIs are available to allow adopters to design and build their own applications that connect to the core digital Total Reward System

Today we were supposed to see 10,000+ #genderpaygap disclosures from British businesses. Almost 5,000 U.K. firms have reported, despite the requirement being suspended, but it remains clear that for most companies, gender pay reporting is not a straight-forward enough exercise.

Watch a video of our system in use!
We describe how the platform works, along with how Unilever has used our technology to access detailed pay data for complex statutory disclosures, such as #genderpaygap and executive pay ratios; and manage Pay Equity.

How often do employees get the chance to feedback on how they feel about their reward? Even yearly feedback is not enough. This should instead be always-on, real-time, and the results frequently reviewed. #totalrewards #totalrewardstatement #digitalreward #compensationandbenefits

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