About Us

Unilever Origin and Spinout

uFlexReward is a spin-out company based on Unilever’s global digital reward system

Proven enterprise-wide product being used within a global multinational

This unique, enterprise-wide system has been used globally by Unilever over the last seven years.
Successfully implemented in 110 countries and used by over 130,000 employees.
Aligned with Unilever’s pioneering business practices in employee reward.
Compliant with the strictest standards for managing highly sensitive data.
Our mission is to help you inspire your employees by giving them the flexibility to personalise their reward package, and to provide you with an integrated global reward system to digitise, consolidate, and review your entire reward ecosystem.

Core Values

Practitioner-led, Evidence-based, Open and Collaborative

Delivering fact-based insights into employee and employer decision making
Long-term industry experts feeding into product development
Open and transparent co-creation with clients

A great talk by Ken Charman, CEO of uFlexReward on 'How Data Transparency is Key in Solving Workplace Inequality' via @DigiLeaders

Available in the link below!


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Today, at 11am BST @uflexrewards CEO Ken Charm will discuss how to use data to close the gender pay gap. Follow the link below to sign up now!


Closing the gender pay gap is more crucial than ever before, and data transparency is vital.

Today at 11am BST our CEO Ken Charm will discuss how to get GOOD data to create meaningful change in business. Follow the link below to sign up for this talk

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You can email us directly at info@uflexreward.com